New Release! HOTSHOT (M/M Firefighter)

6 Jun



So Hotshot officially releases today at Siren! It’s a super sexy M/M tale featuring a hotshot (elite firefighter who fights the front lines of a wildfire) and the hot young country boy who tempts him into a steamy affair. The book is currently on sale (yay for discounts, right?!) at Siren through June 13th. (One reader note: this book features some light bondage but nowhere near as hard as the scenes from, say, Pound of Flesh.)


Levi Langtry can’t believe his luck when he claps eyes on the sexiest damn firefighter he’s ever seen. Certain nothing can ever come of his lustful infatuation with the older man, Levi watches James Cooper from afar and tries to console himself with deliciously dirty fantasies starring the rugged, tough firefighter.

The second Cooper sees Levi hop off a front loader and peel off that sweat-soaked T-shirt, he’s a goner. The younger man tempts Cooper to the point of no return, but he knows better than to surrender to temptation.

Cooper knows he shouldn’t, but he caves to his desire for Levi. What starts out as a fling soon threatens to become so much more complicated. Levi’s playing for keeps, but Cooper isn’t sure he’s long-term relationship material.

But when Levi’s life is threatened by a serious accident, Cooper realizes some things are worth fighting for—and Levi is one of them.


PG Excerpt


Levi tossed and turned and punched his pillow for the thousandth time. He couldn’t get comfortable. The house seemed eerily quiet after all the noise of feeding and entertaining nearly a dozen firemen for most of the afternoon and early evening. His ears perked to every creak and whine as the wild winds outside whipped the side of the house. He glanced at the clock and grimaced. That alarm would go off in less than six hours. Animals had to be fed. Stalls had to be mucked. Joe would show up early and want his coffee before they hit the barn. They’d be short Mark and Nacho, because both men were dealing with fire damage at their homes. There was no way his mama was going to let Papaw back onto the property, not with all that coughing and those breathing treatments he’d needed. There was also no way in hell she was going to drive back out here to help around the ranch. She had an audience of firemen back in town watching her every move and panting at her feet.

He closed his eyes and tried to find sleep, but the image of Cooper on his knees tormented him. He could still feel the tight, wet sensation of Cooper’s mouth on his cock. It had been wild and unlike anything he’d ever imagined. The few kisses and gropings he’d managed to share with other guys hadn’t come close to those few explosive moments with his sexy fireman.

Except he wasn’t really Levi’s fireman. He was just an asshole.

Levi couldn’t understand it. One moment, Cooper had been totally into him and ready to go the distance. The next he was flipping out and acting guilty. Levi wasn’t sure what had caused the change. Embarrassment? Shame? Was Cooper out? Was that what had spooked him? Was he afraid of being found out? Or maybe he was ashamed of Levi, of the difference in their ages and in their experience.

A strange tapping noise at the window interrupted his thoughts. The first one he dismissed as a piece of debris, maybe a twig or something, flying in the wind. The second and third taps he couldn’t ignore.

Levi sat up and slung his legs over the side of the bed. He stared at the window overlooking the front porch. A fourth tap, this one louder and more of a thunk, caught his attention. Curious, Levi stood and crossed the small bedroom. He pulled back the curtains and lifted the wooden blinds with a tug of the cord. What he discovered stunned him.

Shocked, Levi quickly unlocked and lifted the window. He stuck his head through the screenless opening and gawked down at Cooper. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Sh!” Cooper glanced over his shoulder toward the bunkhouse. “Can I come up?”

“Hell no!” Levi glared at Cooper. “Go back to your bunk, and leave me alone.”

“Wait! Please, Levi,” Cooper pleaded and took a step closer to the house. “Let me explain.”

Cooper looked and sounded genuinely upset. Levi’s anger subsided. “All right. The door’s unlocked.”

Cooper jogged out of view. Levi shut the window and heard the telltale squeak of the front door opening and closing. His heart jumped into his throat, the wild beat of his pulse leaving him dizzy as he listened to Cooper’s footsteps on the stairs. He swallowed hard when he heard Cooper opening doors in search of him. “In here,” he squeaked nervously. “I’m in the room at the end of the hall.”

Cooper appeared in the doorway, his body outlined by the moonlight streaming through the wooden slats of the blinds. It was hard to make out his face, but Levi didn’t dare turn on the lights. It was all dreamlike and secret in the darkness. He didn’t want to ruin the moment by introducing the harshness of fake light.

“I’m sorry about earlier,” Cooper said as he entered the bedroom. “I overreacted. You confuse me, Levi. You’re sexy as hell, but you’re young, maybe too young.”

“Not that young,” Levi disagreed and moved closer. “I’ll be starting college in a few weeks. Besides you’re not that old.”

“True, but in experience, I’m decades older than you.”

Levi’s belly wobbled, and his hands trembled as he reached out to cup Cooper’s stubbled jaw. “Show me, Cooper. Teach me what you know.”


To read an adult excerpt or to purchase visit Siren-Bookstrand. All digital formats available for download, including Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc friendly formats!





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