CONFESSIONS and IMPROPER CONDUCT–New Short Story Anthology Releases

23 Jul

Confessions:  Tales of Female Misbehaviour is available from Mischief Books, an imprint of Avon/HarperCollins UK. This anthology includes my kinky voyeurs meet exhibitionist tale Neighborhood Watch. You can read a sample of my story here.

Women pursuing secret desires and then confessing all. Brand new stories by Justine Elyot, Primula Bond, Chrissie Bentley, Lisette Ashton, and Lolita Lopez.

One woman just has to expose herself to her hot neighbours from her apartment window.

Another girl works in a sex shop and can’t keep her hands off the products or the customers.

And when a women’s reading group chooses foreplay as its subject, the revelations lead to the kind of misbehaviour most people only get to read about.

Available at Mischief, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo.

Improper Conduct:  Misbehaviour At Work is also a new release from Mischief. This kinky delight includes my erotic lesbian tale Lather. Rinse. Repeat that takes place in an upscale salon/spa.

Ten erotica stories about inappropriate behaviour at work and the colleagues who go all the way on company time. Featuring original erotica from Donna George Storey, Lux Zakari, Amber Leigh and Elizabeth Coldwell.

The workplace is never exclusively a place for hard graft, tedium and ambition. As we spend over half of our adult lives at work, it has long been a pressure cooker of unrequited desire, barely disguised lust, sexual manipulation, and obsessions for colleagues thinly disguised by professionalism, duty and formality. Which is precisely why Mischief commissioned ten erotica short stories to pursue the explicit shenanigans of work mates who just can’t contain themselves.

Available at Mischief, Amazon, B&N and Kobo and iBooks.


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