The Larry Fund

23 Jul

Author Hailey Edwards‘ father, Larry, is currently very ill and could use some help. If you’re inclined, please consider donating to The Larry Fund at Indiegogo. Like many folks facing a catastrophic illness, the family is accruing major medical debt.

So I don’t talk about it much, but (almost) 3 years ago our daughter was born with several severe and complex heart defects. It was a total surprise. I had a “textbook” pregnancy and there was never any indication that anything was wrong until she was actually born. And then, well, all hell broke loose. Between September 2009 and May 2012, Nyx underwent four different surgeries, two of them complex 8 and 12 hour heart repairs. She was on round the clock cardiac meds and various injections (that weren’t covered by our insurance–at 6K a pop!) and was also in various doctor’s offices multiple times a month. The costs were…well they were astronomical.

Thankfully, we have pretty good insurance, though the high deductible and out of pocket max were rather hard to swallow. Before kiddo was born, we converted to the Dave Ramsey lifestyle. (You have no idea how that style of living and saving saved us. Really. Huge fan of Dave Ramsey and his work.) If we hadn’t, we probably would have been another medical bankruptcy statistic.

So I identify with this family and their struggle. It’s just not right that families have to worry about frickin’ money at a stressful and incredibly difficult time like this. If you can give, please do.


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