Three-Day Weekend (MMFMM Werewolves) on Pre-Order!

4 Sep


Three-Day Weekend, the first book in my new Refuge, Texas series, is available via pre-order on Bookstrand.

All Shelby Mosley wants is a long weekend of R & R. Finding a wounded wolf smack-dab in the highway and taking shelter with his three owners in their secluded cabin isn’t part of the plan.

But something isn’t quite right with these Blackhorse men. What the heck is up with all the wolf décor? And where do they get off smelling so deliciously good? That ought to be criminal!

Shelby spends a wicked, wild night with the three men. But the cold light of morning brings a startling discovery. Alex isn’t a wolf anymore. He’s an injured man who wants to claim her. Con, Ty, and Chuck are also werewolves who believe she is their mate!

When she learns Alex’s injury was a first strike in a looming war against a new breed of grotesque creatures, Shelby is faced with a choice. She can flee the danger or she can stand with her men and face the coming nightmare.

*The men in this book share a last name (wolf pack name) but they aren’t siblings.*


Story Excerpt

“Shelby.” Con looked conflicted. She watched as his fingers curled and uncurled, as his chest lifted and fell. He wanted to say something, but it was as if the words couldn’t work themselves beyond his lips. Her stomach knotted into a ball of anxiety. Whenever those words finally escaped, they were probably going to be some doozies.

“Hell!” Swearing loudly, he crossed the open floor between them with such speed it made her head spin. She gasped and tried to retreat, but her back knocked into the door. There was no escape.

“Don’t, sweetheart,” he pleaded, his gaze desperate. “Don’t fight me.” His big, rough hand cupped the back of her neck. His thumb rubbed tender circles on her skin. That smell, those overpowering notes of fresh-cut grass and summer, invaded her nose. The momentary prickle of fear fled. Gazing up into his honest, pleading eyes, she understood. His eyes displayed a scary emotion with which she was intimately familiar. Con wasn’t trying to hurt or force her into anything. He simply didn’t know how to ask for what he wanted without making himself vulnerable to rejection. This abrupt come-on was just a defensive reaction.

Shelby wasn’t sure why, but the overwhelming need to bow her head suddenly took hold. She glanced down and lowered her chin, twisting her face just enough to show Con the side of her neck. Above her, he growled. The unexpected noise shocked her. How the hell was a human making that kind of sound?

In the next instant, he tipped her chin and lowered his face. His eyes, once a warm chocolate, now glowed a mysterious shade of amber. That alone should have given her pause, but she discovered the mesmerizing color made her weak in the knees and desperate for his touch. Her eyelids drifted together as Con teased his lips across hers. Lust blossomed in her core.

Toes curling, she slid her hands up his big, strong arms and welcomed his searching tongue. He groaned hungrily as he captured her mouth. The little vibrations rippled down her throat and into her chest. She mewled like a kitten and clutched at him, wanting more of him. He deepened the kiss, his tongue swiping and dancing with hers until they were both panting and shaking.

As if electrified, she buzzed with arousal. This was such a new feeling. Oh, she’d been hot before when making out but nothing like this. Shelby was on fire and couldn’t breathe. Only the sensation of Con’s palms gliding across her skin assuaged the burn. “I need…I need…”

“I know.” Con pressed his lips to her forehead and crouched down to pick her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and cried out as his lips fell to her neck. He kissed and sucked and licked that sweet spot there until she hovered on the brink of coming. It was the most deliciously wild thing she’d ever experienced.

With his fingers tangled in her hair, Con tilted her head back even farther and nipped lightly at her neck. She rocked against his hard body. The towel had come loose and was bunched between their bodies. Con’s rough palm cupped her bare breast. He was so surprisingly gentle as he touched her. His thumb stroked her stiff nipple. She responded so easily to his skillful hands. Already, she was so wet and hot.

“Come to bed with us, Shelby.” Con’s lips were against her ear now. He pressed a tender kiss to her temple. “We need you, Shelby. We’ve been waiting so long for you.”

We? She pulled back quickly and knocked her head against the door. Con winced and rubbed the sore spot she’d just created. “Are you all right, sweetheart?”

She dragged his hand away from her head. Pinned between his massive, muscular body and the door, she felt sorely at a disadvantage but pressed forward. “What do you mean ‘we’?”

Con seemed reluctant to answer. “I mean me, Ty, Chuck, and Al—all of us.”

She didn’t miss the way he’d switched his words there at the last. Was there some other housemate she hadn’t yet met? Regardless, she wasn’t about to give him what he’d requested. She had standards, and hopping into bed with three men was so far beyond them it was incomprehensible. “I’m not that kind of girl, Con.”

His brow furrowed. “What does that mean, Shelby? I wasn’t aware that I’d implied you were somehow less respectable by asking you to come to bed with us.”

“You’re joking, right?” She tried to figure out how he’d gotten such a warped idea of what was right and wrong. “Men sharing a woman is wrong, Con. It’s not normal.”

“Who said we were normal?” His eyes flashed that strange shade of amber again. “Did you ever think that what you call wrong we consider the most normal and wonderful thing in the world?”

“I…” She didn’t have an answer for that one. “It’s not for me, Con.”

“How do you know, Shelby?” His head dipped, and he dragged his nose against the curve of her throat right up to her jaw, inhaling deeply as he went. “Your scent tells me differently. It’s much stronger now, but earlier, during dinner, I smelled it, too. Even then, your body recognized us as the mates you need just as our bodies recognized you as ours.”

“Mates?” Shelby’s world was spinning. The amber eyes. The way each man had such a unique scent. The way Con had growled earlier. Their bizarre connection to the wolf, Alex. What the hell was going on in this cabin?

“Later, Shelby,” Con said in a low, commanding voice that made butterflies swarm through her belly. “We’ll explain it all later. Just feel right now. Trust what your heart is telling you.” He held her gaze until her skin prickled with heat. “Trust me.”

Even through the fog of desire, Shelby recognized that some teensy, tiny part of her was screaming the obvious. She needed to run, like, fast. She needed to get away from this cabin and these strange men as quickly as possible.

But the practical side of her brain started to misfire as she did exactly what Con said. She trusted her heart. She trusted him.

Hands shaking, she clasped his face and brought her lips to his. The kiss was simple and sweet but sealed her fate. With a whisper, she ordered, “Take me to bed.”

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