Three-Day Weekend (MMFMM Werewolves) Releases Today!

10 Sep

Three-Day Weekend, the first book in my Refuge, Texas paranormal menage (and more!) romance series is available today! This novel introduces us to the town of Refuge, a protected enclave of supernatural citizens, through the eyes of Shelby, a Do-It-Yourself blogger from Houston. She’s looking for some R&R but finds love with the hunky men of the Blackhorse wolf pack:  Con, Ty, Chuck and Alex.


All Shelby Mosley wants is a long weekend of R & R. Finding a wounded wolf smack-dab in the highway and taking shelter with his three owners in their secluded cabin isn’t part of the plan.

But something isn’t quite right with these Blackhorse men. What the heck is up with all the wolf décor? And where do they get off smelling so deliciously good? That ought to be criminal!

Shelby spends a wicked, wild night with the three men. But the cold light of morning brings a startling discovery. Alex isn’t a wolf anymore. He’s an injured man who wants to claim her. Con, Ty, and Chuck are also werewolves who believe she is their mate!

When she learns Alex’s injury was a first strike in a looming war against a new breed of grotesque creatures, Shelby is faced with a choice. She can flee the danger or she can stand with her men and face the coming nightmare.

*The men of the Blackhorse pack share the same last name (wolf pack name) but are NOT siblings.*



Exclusive Excerpt:

Just the four of us. The words echoed round and round in her head. Three men and her. In bed. Doing things. What had happened to the boring, somewhat frigid young woman who had left Houston for a few days to clear her head? Who the heck was this sexpot now inhabiting her body? Where the hell had she been hiding all these years?

Ty stepped forward and began pulling the pillows from the bed and tossing them into a corner. Chuck grasped the patchwork quilt and top sheet and dragged them down to the foot of the bed. Con carefully placed her in the center of the prepared space and took away the towel scrunched around her waist.

Naked and nervous, Shelby sat up and hugged her knees to her chest, shielding her breasts and bare sex from their piercing gazes. Standing around the bed, the men began to undress. She gulped as inch after sinfully sexy inch of tanned flesh was revealed to her. She’d never seen so much muscle. Her fingers just itched to reach and touch all that smooth, brown skin.

Her gaze moved even lower, trailing down those yummy chests to those throbbing cocks. They were long and thick and already shiny with pre-cum. Oh, my! She swallowed hard as she wondered how in the world she was ever going to make those fit.

Ty climbed into bed and sidled up close to her left side. Chuck snuggled up to her right. Con knelt at her feet and rubbed her calves. “Lean back, sweetheart.”

Unable to deny Con anything, Shelby let Ty guide her back to the mattress. Con continued to stroke her legs, easing her into the idea of sharing a tryst with three men. Ty kissed her first, his soft lips dancing across hers for a few wicked moments. Chuck’s lips took over the second Ty’s left. He didn’t waste any time making love to her mouth. His tongue darted between her lips and swirled around hers. He tasted of cinnamon and peaches from the cobbler and ice cream they’d eaten earlier. It was a heady mix of man and sweetness that left her hungry for more.

As Chuck kissed her senseless, Ty caressed her breasts and belly. She’d always been a bit self-conscious about her barely B-cup breasts. For a while, she’d even gone so far as to buy those weird silicone chicken-cutlet-looking things to stuff her bras, but the humidity and heat of one East Texas summer put an end to that experiment. Eventually, she’d learned to just deal with her shape. She’d endeavored to become comfortable in her own skin.

But, surrounded by all these magnificent specimens of the male form, those old insecurities came rushing back to her. With an apologetic and embarrassed smile, she tried to cover her small breasts. “I’m sorry they’re not very sexy.”

“What?” Ty frowned with confusion. Then, as if understanding, he shook his head and slowly dragged her hands free from her bosom. “You’re beautiful, Shelby. I love your breasts.” He bent down and licked a leisurely circle around her nipple. His big hand palmed her flesh. “They’re perfect.”

“You’re perfect,” Con declared, his deep, rumbling voice driving the point home.

“Don’t worry about silly things like that, sugar,” Chuck said as he nipped at her collarbone. “Just focus on us. Let us make you feel good.”

“This is all about you,” Con explained. “Tonight, the three of us are here to make you happy. We’re not leaving this bed until you’ve passed out with sheer pleasure.”

“We want you screaming,” Ty murmured against her breast.

“We want you begging for more,” Chuck said, his teeth grazing her neck.

“Oh, god.” Shelby dropped her head back to the bed and closed her eyes.



To read more excerpts or purchase click here.


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