Dead Sexy Dragon: Sneak Peek #1

26 Jul



Dead Sexy Dragon, the first book in my new Dragon Heat series with Forever Your/Grand Central, releases on August 6, 2013! It’s available for pre-order now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo. You can snag a copy for $1.99.


Fun Facts About Dead Sexy Dragon

1)  Dead Sexy Dragon takes the legend of Saint George and his sword Ascalon and spins it on its head.

2)  Stig Wyvern, immortal dragon hero extraordinaire, is a former Marine (hawt!) and a master woodworker. His mortal love interest, Cora Cardenas, runs her family’s bakery and tempts him with her sweet smile and hot buns—cinnamon, of course!

3)  Twice every three years, unmated dragons like Stig go into heat. He’ll experience nine nights of raging lust and uncontrollable desire as his inner beast desperately searches for his mate—and Cora has stumbled right into the middle of it.






Stig Wyvern is ready for his transformation. A dragon shifter who goes through violent phases during his mating period, Stig plans to lock himself in a small cave beneath his isolated home. But his dark secret is threatened when a desperate young woman appears on his doorstep.

Cora Cardenas has nowhere else to go. She’s in deep trouble with some really nasty people and Stig is the only person she can trust. That he’s strong, gorgeous, and makes her tingle with the simplest of smiles is an added bonus. Soon, Cora realizes Stig is hiding something from her—something that may explain the strange noises coming from the basement at night.

Now as the sexual tension—and danger—escalates, Stig needs to get Cora out of his house. But his inner beast has other ideas. He’s found his mate—and she’s not going anywhere . . .


Sneak Peek #1


Down in the kitchen, Cora took a few moments to investigate the cabinets and fridge contents. The pantry shelves were well stocked and her mind raced with possibilities for the morning. Her grandmother had always preached the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach. If there was one thing Stig had always loved, it was Cora’s baking and cooking skills. Considering she desperately needed his help, she’d bake, sauté, fricassee, braise, and roast every recipe in her mental cookbook.

But for tonight a sandwich would suffice. Cora made quick work of assembling her dinner, grabbed a chilled can of fizzy soda from the fridge, and sat at the sturdy wooden table. Her fingertips brushed over the smooth grained tabletop. She marveled at the exquisite craftsmanship.

Stig’s skill as a woodworker was well known. When he’d retired from the Marine Corps, he’d turned his hobby into a thriving business. Cora had seen the adjacent workshop as she’d pulled into the gravel driveway. From what she understood, almost all of his business came from online orders. It seemed client interaction was low on his list of priorities.

Apparently Stig was quite content with his loner status. That was something she’d never understood about him. He’d enjoyed spending a day or two with them in San Antonio whenever Hector invited him down but he always seemed so restless and uneasy, as if he couldn’t wait to escape. He thrived on the solitude of his woodsy fortress. The city seemed to sap him of his vitality.

Cora mused on his oddness as she cleaned up her dishes and swept away the crumbs on the counter and table. There was something about Stig that wasn’t quite right. She used to think it was the effect of all those tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, maybe some post-traumatic stress disorder, but the more she was around him, the less she thought that was the answer.

Clearly he had some lingering issues from his time at war. Hector had been the same way. The nightmares of those days in the violence-fueled desert had driven her brother toward the alcohol and drugs that had eventually led to his demise. Stig, on the other hand, seemed able to master the horrors of war in a way Hector simply never could.

Cora often thought she glimpsed the tiniest bit of guilt reflected in Stig’s eyes whenever they spoke of her brother. No matter how many times she assured Stig he hadn’t failed Hector, she could tell he didn’t believe it. Stig had taken Hector’s car accident incredibly hard. As far as Cora could tell, Hector had been Stig’s only real friend, so the loss must have been as unbearable for him as it had been for her.

But they had each other to lean on for support.

There had been a time in those initial weeks following Hector’s death when Cora had thought maybe, just maybe, Stig felt more for her than friendship, that they weren’t only united in grief but in other, more intimate ways. She’d quickly realized her hopes in that area would never come to fruition. Perhaps it was the age difference or the sibling connection but Stig never gave her any indication that he was interested in anything beyond friendship.

And it killed her.

There was no denying her intense attraction to him. Who wouldn’t have the hots for such a deliciously sexy former Marine ? With that square jaw and that heart-melting grin, Stig set her on fire every time he was near. The thought of being embraced by those thick, muscular arms or having those broad shoulders rippling as he thrust into her welcoming body was almost too much. Her knees weakened at the mere thought of Stig kissing her neck or nibbling her lower lip.

As much as it embarrassed her, Cora still nurtured a secret hope Stig would one day see her not just as his best friend’s sister but as the sexually confident young woman she’d become. Maybe this would be the visit that changed things between them? She’d never been around Stig on his home turf. Whether or not that improved her odds of success, she couldn’t say, but it was worth a try.

Cora flicked off the light and started to leave the kitchen. The strangest noise, a mix between a growl and a moan, stopped her dead in her tracks. She turned back to the kitchen and fixed her gaze on the basement door. The sound had most definitely come from beneath the house.

What kind of animal made a noise like that? Not a raccoon or skunk, owl or bat. Were there coyotes and wolves in the woods? Yes, probably, but how would they get into the basement? Maybe there was outside access to the cellar? A door or vent of some kind?

Her chest constricted with nervousness. She slowly crossed the kitchen and pressed her ear to the door. There was nothing to be heard but her shaky breaths. Whatever she’d heard was quiet now.

A moment later another lonesome howl penetrated the door. Cora’s breath caught in her throat. The fine hairs along her nape stood on edge. So close to the basement entrance, she heard the sound more clearly, a mix of an elephant’s trumpet and a lion’s roar. No, that definitely didn’t belong to any animal she’d ever heard of. What the hell was that?

Cora backed away and left the kitchen in a hurry. Despite the growing distance from the possible threat, she couldn’t shake the eerie sensation. When Stig woke in the morning, she’d ask him to go down there and check it out. Maybe whatever had gotten in there was hurt and needed help.

Or maybe it wanted to break free and eat her face.


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