Dead Sexy Dragon: Sneak Peek #2

2 Aug



Dead Sexy Dragon, the first book in my new Dragon Heat series, releases on August 6, 2013! You can snag a copy right now for a 1.99 at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo.

Last week, I offered the first sneak peek at this new scorching hot paranormal romance series. You can read that excerpt here.




Stig Wyvern is ready for his transformation. A dragon shifter who goes through violent phases during his mating period, Stig plans to lock himself in a small cave beneath his isolated home. But his dark secret is threatened when a desperate young woman appears on his doorstep.

Cora Cardenas has nowhere else to go. She’s in deep trouble with some really nasty people and Stig is the only person she can trust. That he’s strong, gorgeous, and makes her tingle with the simplest of smiles is an added bonus. Soon, Cora realizes Stig is hiding something from her—something that may explain the strange noises coming from the basement at night.

Now as the sexual tension—and danger—escalates, Stig needs to get Cora out of his house. But his inner beast has other ideas. He’s found his mate—and she’s not going anywhere . . .


Sneak Peek #2

Stig cursed softly and wiped a hand down his face. “Why didn’t you come to me before, Cora?” He didn’t even bother to hide the aggravation in his voice. “I would have helped you! I would have given you the money to cover Hector’s debts.”

“There’s no way you have the kind of cash on hand these people wanted, Stig. You were a marine just like Hector. I’m sure your furniture business does well, but there’s no way you’re pulling in those kinds of profits.”

Of course, Stig thought with some sadness. Cora had no idea what kind of wealth he’d amassed over the centuries. To her, he was nothing more than a former marine and woodworker. She had no way of knowing the truth—that he was an immortal dragon. During his lifetime, he’d bought and sold property, invested in new technologies and pharmaceuticals and more. He wasn’t as wealthy as, say, Ignatius or Reynard, but his bank account showed a very healthy balance.

“I would have found a way, Cora.” He should let it go but he couldn’t. He fumed over the situation she’d gotten herself into because she’d been too proud—and silly—to ask for help.

“I know,” she whispered. “I just didn’t want to involve you in something so ugly.”

“I would have gladly mired myself in it. You’re very important to me, Cora.”

Her head snapped up at that revelation. Their gazes locked across the table. Stig couldn’t believe he’d said that aloud, yet he had no urge to take it back. It was the truth, plain and simple. Cora meant a great deal to him.

Other than the handful of marines he still kept in touch with via e-mail or phone, Cora was his last connection to humanity. She was something sweet and sassy and beautiful he wanted to protect. Her genuine love of life kept him tethered to reality. It would be so easy to shut himself away in his isolated fortress and live as many of his Brothers preferred: in solitude. Embracing the loner lifestyle had proven useful over the years. It kept him safe and his life free from complications. It allowed him to keep his mind on his duty and on protecting the dragon community from the Knights who wanted them extinct.

For Stig, it had always been easy to separate himself from the outside world. He liked living alone in the middle of nowhere.

Until Cora.

Sitting here in his kitchen, sharing a home-cooked breakfast, made him painfully aware of all the simple pleasures he’d been missing. There was something alluring about the idea of coming down to a kitchen filled with the smells of breakfast cooked by the woman sharing his life. He hadn’t realized just how lonely his solitary lifestyle was until then.

But those types of ideas were dangerous. Cora wasn’t the girl for him. The rules of the Brotherhood of the Green Hide were painfully clear. Other dragons in the general population might stray across species lines but it wasn’t allowed among the Brothers. The very act that had made the Brotherhood necessary and that had put the Knights of St. George on the hunt for them had been caused by a human woman and a dragon. It simply wasn’t done.

Even if Stig’s blood oath to the Brotherhood hadn’t stood in his way, Cora belonged to another world and deserved things he could never give her. To protect her from the danger that always surrounded him, he should send her away. His dragon was already sniffing around and trespassing into her dreams. It was only going to get worse.

Unfortunately, a very real threat to her existed outside the safety of his home. Until it was sorted out, he had to keep her close.

“You can stay until we sort this out.” Stig rose quickly and cleaned off his plate. “You’ll be safe here.”

Cora stood and caught his hand as he turned to leave. Her touch branded him and sent electric arcs up his arm and across his chest. His breath arrested in his lungs as Cora slid her arms around him and hugged him. Stig didn’t know what to do. His arms dangled uselessly at his sides. Her curvaceous body pressed against him in all the wrong—and right—places. He could so easily cup her cheek and tilt back her head, finally claim that pink pout for his own.

Arms still around his waist, Cora smiled up at him. “Thank you, Stig.”

“Anything for Hector’s sister.” He quickly pecked her forehead and stepped back. “I’ll be in the shop if you need me.”

Lips on fire and pulse sprinting, Stig spun on his heel and left the house. He had to get away from her before he made a colossal mistake.



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