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Barnes & Noble Shenanigans

24 May

So B&N is up to their tricks again. Not only have they (allegedly) routinely added 1000+ rankings to sexy romances and erotica to keep them out of the bestseller lists, but now they seem to have (allegedly)  instituted some weird sort of block that keeps romance novels (and maybe only indie published romance novels?) from rising above a 125 rank in their store.

This obviously makes no sense from a reader standpoint. I mean, if I’m cruising the bestseller lists for a good book, I want to see the bestsellers according to other readers–not the bestsellers according to B&N’s marketing department.

Yes, I have noticed that my erotica published as Lolita or Roxie Rivera was routinely “penalized” by being pushed down the bestseller lists any time a book gained momentum. I rolled my eyes and let it go because, like, what can do you? But now Barnes & Noble has yanked ALL but two of my books (traditionally/commercially published and indie published) from their NOOK UK store. I didn’t know it was happening until I started getting emails from readers in the UK asking about Grabbed By Vicious for NOOK or IVAN and DIMITRI from the Her Russian Protector series.

Yo! Vicious! Where you at?

Yo! Vicious! Where you at?

You can imagine my confusion when I did a search on the NOOK UK store and realized that only two of my books (YURI and REFUGE) are available to readers. I don’t know why those two books survived but they’re there. REFUGE was categorized as space opera by the publisher and I categorized YURI as romantic suspense instead of erotic romance because it’s steamy but not super sexy. Maybe they managed to escape an aggressive filter? I really don’t know.

Sexy billionaire Russian playboy = okay. Sexy alpha male in space = not okay?

Sexy billionaire Russian playboy = okay. Sexy alpha male in space = not okay?

So–huge apologies to readers in the UK who want to buy books for their Nooks but can’t. As usual, Barnes & Noble is sending canned responses. If/When these books are available again, I’ll be sure to update with that news. Until then, you can buy epub versions of all of my indie pubbed books via KOBO (Lolita and Roxie,) Smashwords (Lolita and Roxie) and All Romance eBooks (Lolita and Roxie). Most of my traditionally/commercially published books are available through All Romance eBooks, KOBO or Apple in epub. The bookshelf pages on my websites have those links.

If you’d like to read more about this debacle and B&N’s history of (allegedly) manipulating the bestseller lists and rankings, please read Maya Cross’ excellent post on Goodreads and Hugh Howey’s rundown of the situation (and the comments! where bestselling authors like Jamie McGuire and Liliana Hart explain how their books were “hidden” from readers by rank manipulation.)


New Release: YURI (Her Russian Protector 3) #sexy #suspense

22 May

Roxie Rivera, the other pen name, has a new book out this week. YURI, the third installment of the Her Russian Protector series, hit the virtual shelves on Friday.


Loving couple in the car embraces


While clawing her way out of Houston’s worst neighborhood, Lena vowed to never let any man have power over her. After a lifetime of broken promises from her criminal father and a mother who abandoned her, Lena believes that love makes you vulnerable. She’s never been tempted to test that belief…until Yuri.

Sexy as sin and with a dark reputation, Russian billionaire Yuri Novakovsky survived a miserable childhood of poverty and neglect to ascend the pinnacle of success. He enjoys the perks of his massive wealth without much thought to the consequences…until Lena.

When Lena’s father and cousin blunder into an international art theft operation, Yuri seizes his chance to be her protector. But when past misdeeds catch up with him and threaten Lena’s safety, Yuri puts her love and trust in him to the test.

He’ll prove he’s the man she needs—a man she can depend upon and trust—one sensual, wicked kiss at a time.


***YURI is a full-length novel, clocking in at 90,000 words and 300+ pages.***


Available now at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, All Romance eBooks and Smashwords. Coming soon in print!




When we stepped out of the car, the two bodyguards who went everywhere with him surrounded us. Yuri motioned for them to give us some space. As we joined the long, winding line for the truck Chuy and Tai owned, I couldn’t help but ask, “Doesn’t that feel weird?”

He glanced back at the intimidating bodyguards in their matching dark suits. “You get used to it.”

Sadness gripped me. It couldn’t be easy to live in a fishbowl, constantly followed and watched. “I’m sorry you need them.”

He shrugged. “It’s the trade-off for the success I’ve enjoyed. I’ll happily accept it for all the other opportunities I’m afforded.”

Yuri reached out and swept some of my hair behind my shoulder. His fingertips brushed my skin, the very touch searing me. The shuddery flutter in my lower belly accompanied an uptick in my heart rate. It stunned me how easily the man affected me.

When his gaze dropped to my arm, Yuri’s eyes narrowed and anger flashed across his face. Carefully, he ran his fingertips along my skin. “Who did this to you?”

I glanced at the ugly bruises forming there and winced. “It’s nothing.”

“Yelena.” He used my full name, his Russian accent so thick as he emphasized the syllables. “Please don’t lie to me. Did someone hurt you?”

“It was just a stupid work thing, Yuri. Danny grabbed me but I got away from him. It’s one of the reasons I quit.”

His square jaw visibly tensed. Rage etched hard lines into his handsome face. “Has he touched you before this?”

Taken aback by his outrage, I insisted, “Yuri, I handled it. It’s no big deal.”

“No big deal?” He practically gawked at me. “A man grabbed and bruised you. It’s unforgiveable. It’s disgraceful.”

Indignation welled within me. “Yuri, I can take care of myself.”

“I didn’t say you couldn’t.” His gentle fingertips moved over my sore arm. “If you were mine—”

“I’m not yours,” I interjected without thinking. Almost instantly, I hated myself for it. He flinched, his cheek pulling tight for a millisecond, and dropped his hand. “Yuri, I didn’t—”

“No,” he said softly. “It’s fine. I understand.”

Desperate to make him understand and certain I’d just really stepped in it, I grasped his hand and tugged him out of the line. We were already attracting eavesdroppers and I wanted some privacy. The bodyguards shadowed us but I figured there was no losing those two.

For a few seconds, I simply held his hand and stared at him. He seemed confused and I couldn’t blame him. I was throwing out mixed signals like crazy.

With a noisy exhale, I confessed, “You scare me, Yuri.”

His eyes widened. Concerned, he stepped toward me and asked, “Have I done something to upset you?”

“No,” I hurriedly assured him. “It’s not like that.” I searched for the right words. “You’re big and sexy and powerful and wealthy and I just—I don’t know what you want with me. I’m a big nobody and you’re—”

“You are not a nobody,” he interjected roughly.

I was taken aback by the emotion in his voice. Swallowing hard, I asked again, “What do you want with me, Yuri? Is this just a game? Are you chasing me because you think I’m playing hard to get?”

“Are you playing hard to get?”

I shook my head. “I don’t like games, Yuri.”

“Neither do I.” He dared to reach out and caress my cheek. “Lena, you tempt me in ways I cannot even describe. You make me want it all.”

My heart thudded in my chest as his fingertips trailed along my skin. I tried to swallow but my mouth had gone dry. “All?”

Nodding, he cupped my face with one hand. His mouth curved in a sinful smile “But we can start with a kiss.”



On Tour With Two Big, Sexy Russians!

1 May

I’m on a blog tour for the next two weeks with the heroes of my Her Russian Protector series!


There are lots of stops at some really fabulous reader and reviewer blogs. I’m doing interviews and guest posts with snippets from both books and some teasers about the upcoming books (YURI and NIKOLAI) and the possibility of more stories in this universe.


There’s also a giveaway–$25 gift card for the grand prize and four sets of IVAN and DIMITRI in digital format! You can catch me at the following stops:


4/29 – Nina’s Literary Escape
4/30 – Riverina Romantics
5/01 – Flirting with Romance
5/02 – Book Monster Reviews
5/04 – Froggarita’s Bookcase
5/05 – Mad Hatter Reads
5/06 – United by Books
5/08 – Book Lovin’ Mamas
5/09 – My Reading Obsession
5/10 – Books, Books and More Books
5/11 –  Offbeat Vagabond
5/12 – Romance Junkies


Hope to see you there! :)

IVAN (Her Russian Protector #1) by Roxie Rivera #sexy #NewAdult

16 Mar
IVAN (Her Russian Protector #1) By Roxie Rivera

IVAN (Her Russian Protector #1)
By Roxie Rivera


My alter ego, Roxie Rivera, writes super sexy romances and scorching hot erotica with a new adult flavor. Her latest release is IVAN, the first book in the Her Russian Protector series.



Desperate to find her sister, Erin goes to the only man in Houston who can help her:  Ivan Markovic. The intimidating, tattooed Russian operates one of the most elite mixed-martial arts training centers in the world but it’s his shadowy past and reputed connections with Houston’s underworld that interest her most.

To find her sister, she’ll need the help of her big, scary Russian protector—but asking for help from a man like Ivan carries a steep price, one that might just include her heart.



I rapped my knuckles against the paneled door and waited. Ivan said something in Russian I didn’t understand. His tone sounded inviting enough so I twisted the knob and pushed the door open. I found Ivan sitting behind a desk. The bright white glow of two computer monitors sitting on the far right side of his desk painted him with light. He seemed irritated with something. I just hoped it wasn’t me.

He didn’t look up until after I’d closed the door behind me. His eyes widened slightly when he caught sight of me leaning against the door. “Erin.”

“Hey.” I gestured to the door. “I can go if you’re busy.”

He shook his head. “No, I’m just working out some training issues at the gym. Losing three fighters opened up some spots. Now I have fighters asking to be shuffled around to different trainers and others trying to get into the gym.”

“I see.”

His interested gaze roamed me. The corners of his mouth lifted in a smile. “You look better in those clothes than I ever have.”

I laughed nervously and played with the front of the cotton shirt. “Thanks by the way.”

He waved his hand. “It’s no trouble.”

“You know it is,” I countered. “I’ve caused you a lot of trouble in the last, oh, eight hours or so.” I hesitated before asking, “Do you regret it?”

“Helping you?” He shook his head. “No.”

“Are you sure?”

Ivan studied me a moment. Finally, he flicked his thick fingers. “Come here, Erin.”

Mouth dry, I crossed the distance between us. Ivan pointed at the empty spot on his desk. I hopped up onto it and self-consciously tugged the hem of his borrowed shirt down against my thighs. He leaned back in his chair and asked, “What are you going to do after we find your sister?”

I considered his question. “Vivi just asked me the same thing.”

His brow furrowed. “Short girl? Black hair? Works at Samovar?”

I nodded. “She knows you.”

“She should,” he said with a laugh. “I always tip well.”

I smiled at him. “I’m sure she appreciates it.”

“She better,” he joked. “Every time I leave there, my wallet is noticeably lighter.”

I was surprised by the way smiling and laughter softened his harsh features. I rather liked this new glimpse into Ivan. Maybe he was all tough and scary on the outside but soft and sweet on the inside.

With a long, slow exhale, I said, “I don’t know what I’m going to do after we find Ruby. I’ll probably try to talk her into rehab again.”

“It won’t work.” Ivan spoke with such certainty. “She has to want to change. She has to want to kick the drugs. You can’t do it for her.”

I picked at the hem of the shirt. “I used to think that if I just loved her more and supported her and showed her that she had so many reasons to get clean she would. Now I’m not so sure.”

“Look, I’ve never been addicted to drugs or alcohol but I know how hard it is to make a change. I know how difficult it is to walk away from a certain kind of life and start a new, different one. It’s terrifying.”

I lifted my gaze to his. “You mean when you left the mob?”

Ivan’s unwavering gaze held mine. “Yes.”


“Why did I leave?” He sucked in a noisy breath. “I’d never enjoyed that life. Some men do. It was never one I wanted. It was a necessity.”

“Necessity? How?”

“Back in Russia, we grew up in an orphanage. You can’t even imagine how awful it was.”

I could actually. I’d seen news reports on the current state of some Russian orphanages. I could only imagine what they were like thirty years ago.

“You said we. Who is we?”

“Nikolai and Yuri and Dimitri,” he explained. “We were all there together as boys. We ran away as teenagers. Yuri and Dimitri found their way into the military. Nikolai and I found a different path. We learned how to survive. When things changed, when democracy and capitalism came, we realized we were in a unique position to make money.” Sighing slowly, he lifted his hands and tucked them behind his head. “But then I came here and found a way to get into some honest work.”


He shook his head. “I never fought in any kind of professional match.”

I frowned. “No?”

“I did my fighting in a different kind of cage.”

“Oh.” I glanced at his heavily scarred and tattooed hands. “Oh.”

He nodded. “Word of mouth sold me as a trainer. A few winning fighters later and I had my business.”

“But all this?” I gestured around his luxurious home. “It didn’t come from fighting then?”


“Well then how did you make your money?”

Ivan dared to stroke my knee. His rough, callused palm rasped my skin. “It’s better you don’t ask that question.”

His remark sent up a red flag but the sensation of his big, strong hand gliding over my leg left me unable to concentrate on it. All I could think about was the feeling of his warm skin on mine. I was so used to the soft hands of guys who worked in retail or office settings. There was something primal about Ivan’s touch.

“Do I frighten you, Erin?” His fingertips trailed along my outer thigh.

I shivered under his feather-light touch. “Not really.”


I shook my head. “I think beneath all this,” I gestured to his tattoos and scars, “you’re probably the sweetest man I’ve ever met.”

He snorted with amusement. “I wouldn’t go that far.”

“How far are you going to go?” It was a bold question to ask but I had to know.

“I don’t know,” he admitted quietly. His hand moved to my inner thigh but he didn’t go higher than the bottom of the boxers. I sensed he warred with himself to keep his hand there, just there, and not any closer to that most intimate part of me.

Remembering our conversation at the gym, I asked, “Is this what you want for payment? For helping me?”

His gaze snapped to mine. The pained look on his face left me breathless. “No. I would never disrespect you in that way.”

He started to pull his hand away but I squeezed my knees together and trapped it. My stomach wobbled with anticipation and excitement. “And what if I wanted you to?”

His lips twitched. “What if you wanted me to disrespect you?”

I thumped his forearm with my fingers. “You know what I mean. What if I wanted you?”

He grinned mischievously. “Wanted me to what?”

Now he was just playing with me. “Ivan…”


You can pick up a digital copy of IVAN (in your preferred format) at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, All Romance Ebooks and Smashwords. It should be available in the Apple and Sony stores very soon.

DIMITRI, the second book in this series, is scheduled for release the first week of April. I have a yummy little sneak peek of that book here. Remember to sign up for my newsletter or like me on Facebook for new book reminders!