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Sexy Sneak Peek: SERGEI (Her Russian Protector #5) by Roxie Rivera

6 Nov


I’m at Silken Sheets today and I’m sharing a steamy look at SERGEI, the next book in the Her Russian Protector series. It’s a good one so you’ll definitely want to hop over and take a peek!

Coming November 11, 2013!

Book 5 in the Her Russian Protector series

After losing her older brother in a violent robbery, wedding gown designer Bianca Bradshaw refuses to date men with criminal ties. She’s never been tempted to cross that line—until Sergei.

The Russian behemoth works as an enforcer for mob boss Nikolai Kalasnikov and fights as his champion in the underground bare-knuckle circuit. Sergei is absolutely the last complication she needs in her life—but he’s the only man who makes her body ache with desire.

And right now she needs his help.

When he learns some creep is bothering Bianca, Sergei Sakharov vows to protect her at all costs. He’s been trying to get close to the plus-sized beauty for months but she rejects him at every turn. He’s determined to show her that he’s worth more as a man than his criminal connections.

But Sergei’s loyalty to his family—both blood and criminal—put him at odds with the future he wants with Bianca. He has to choose—the woman he desperately loves or his loyalty to the man who saved his life.

Because the darkness of the underworld he inhabits is about to spill into Bianca’s life and the hardest choice may be the only one that allows him to protect her…




New Release: NIKOLAI (Her Russian Protector #4)

25 Jun

The other me, Roxie Rivera, has a new steamy romantic suspense out this week!

You can find NIKOLAI at Amazon, B&N, All Romance eBooks, Kobo and Smashwords . It take s a little longer for Apple to approve books so as soon as those links are live I’ll update the main Her Russian Protector page. If you’re interested in a print book, I expect to have the book proofed by the middle of next week so it should be available by the first week of July.

One of the main questions I get about the Her Russian Protector series is this:  Are there going to be more books?! And the answer is:  Yes!

Sergei, Kostya and Danny will definitely be getting their own books in the near future. I want to get Sergei’s book out sometime this fall, probably between the Fighting Connolly books. You know, in a perfect world. :)   I think Eric Santos deserves a happy ever after, too.

I’m also on the fence about whether or not this book is really the end of Nikolai and Vee’s story. Yes, the book ends with a complete wrap-up of their arc. (No crazy cliffhangers here!) But I feel like their story may just be beginning. I could do short stories like I’m writing for the other couples…but Vivi and Nikolai are pretty intense and 5,000 words here or there might not be enough. So–we’ll see!

Don’t forget! You can read the first four chapters of NIKOLAI here, here, here and here.

And I’m still on tour with YURI and NIKOLAI and there’s a giveaway of the first four books signed in print. :)

**Book 4 in the Her Russian Protector series**

After a brush with death as a juvenile delinquent, Vivian swore she’d never stray across that line again—but there’s just one problem with her plan to stay on the right side of the law. She’s completely, irrevocably and unabashedly in love with Nikolai, the Russian mob boss who saved her life.

From the moment Vivian appeared in his life on that tragic April night, Nikolai felt himself inextricably bonded to her. She’s the bright light in his dark world and the only thing that keeps him from sliding deeper into a life of crime and violence—a mobbed-up life he can’t escape no matter how hard he tries.

After Vivian is ripped from his arms in a brazen blitz attack, Nikolai will stop at nothing to get her back—but rescuing her and keeping her safe in his arms isn’t enough. Suddenly, Nikolai’s only chance to keep her safe is to do the one thing he vowed never to do—he’ll drag her deeper into his shadowy world and bind her to him forever.

Because their tangled pasts are about to collide and the shockwave threatens to bring Houston’s criminal underbelly to its knees…

*NIKOLAI is 87,000 words/325+ pages long*

Available now at Amazon, B&N, All Romance eBooks, Kobo and Smashwords.

On Tour with Yuri and Nikolai (Her Russian Protector #3 & #4)

18 Jun

The other me, Roxie Rivera, is on tour 6/17-6/30 with YURI and NIKOLAI, books three and four in the Her Russian Protector series. I’ll be visiting a lot of great reader and reviewer blogs doing interviews and guest posts and the like. There’s also a giveaway–a signed set of the first four print books in this series plus a tote bag and swag and two runners up will get a signed copy of IVAN plus swag.

NIKOLAI will be out Monday, June 24, and the first three chapters are available here, here and here with the fourth chapter coming this Friday.

Here are the stops I’ll be making:

6/17- Books, Books & More Books (series spotlight & review)
6/17- Reading Between The Wines (guest post)
6/18- Nina’s Literary Escape (series spotlight)
6/18 Flirting with Romance (interview)
6/20- The Reading Café (series spotlight & review)
6/20- United by Books (interview)
6/21- Book Monster Reviews (guest post)
6/22- Night Owl Reviews (series spotlight & review)
6/23- Romance Junkies (series spotlight & review)
6/24- My Reading Obsession (series spotlight & review)
6/25- Offbeat Vagabond (series spotlight & review)
6/26- Cocktails and Books (series spotlight)
6/27- Salacious Reads (series spotlight)
6/27- Riverina Romantics (guest post)
6/29- Book Lovin Mamas (guest post)